Cryozone Gives Harriers The Chill

Running is a fantastic sport, but also one that produces a lot of stress on the body. Your heart beats harder, your temperature rises and your muscles work to keep you moving, but while your heart and lungs are driving your engine toward redline, your chassis is under a lot of stress. Like it or not, your body must deal with 2.5 to 3 times its body weight with every single stride.

After sponsoring the winners prizes at our recent Timeless 5k event, Cryozone were eager to reach out to Telford Harriers again and gave club members the chance to try out some of the treatments they have to offer.

Cryozone for is all about non-invasive ways of boosting your bodies natural recovery process. Cryozone Shrewsbury are 1 of only 4-5 centres in the UK, and are also the biggest location outside of London.

Approximately 30 Harriers went along over the weekend to try out different therapies and were welcomed by owner, Lee Morgan.

Lee said: " We invited the Harriers along being one of the biggest running clubs in Shropshire to give their members a chance experience a couple of our treatments.

The first treatment was the whole body cryotherapy chamber. Used by some of the worlds top sports men and women including Sir Mo Farah. The treatment reduced fatigue, injury inflammation and boosts energy."

Lee continued, " This was followed by the recovery boots for muscle soreness and reducing lactic acid, leaving legs feeling refreshed.

Both treatments can be use to help prepare for a big race, or recovery after. If your putting in lots of miles and want to keep hitting them PB’s then we have the facilities here to help and keep you on top of your game."

Harriers runner, Stephen Davies, worked with Lee to set the weekend up after successfully managing the Timeless 5k event earlier in the year.

Stephen said: We all had a great time and experienced the benefits Cryozone can offer. We embraced the cold temperatures of between -76 and -90 for 4-5 minute period’s, taking it in turns to dance in the cold in little more than swim wear. "

"Following the chamber we were each treated to a 30 minute leg recovery boots session and for one member a chance to also sample the recovery arms session while we warmed up with hot drinks. "

The weekend was a huge success with many noticing almost immediate effects to niggles and aches and pains.

The Harriers would like to thank Lee Morgan and the staff at Cryozone for this fantastic opportunity, especially for staying over on Sunday to ensure everyone got to try everything they wanted to.


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