Sexarathon #1: Lilleshall 5miler

April heralded the start of the popular Sexarathon series of races put on each year by Telford Athletics Club. The series of races are spread over 6 midweek events from April to September, varying in distances from 5k to 5mile and are incredibly popular with local running clubs.

First race up was the Lilleshall 5miler, known as probably the most technical race in the calendar. Not because of the distance, but because the route is challenging and requires some careful planning by runners taking into account the long uphill section near the end.

The race starts by the football fields at the rear of Lilleshall Sports Centre, taking runners up a slight incline before running past the sports therapy units. From there the route hits the long driveway taking runners away from the centre.

With the first few miles being pretty much downhill, many runners took advantage of the downward elevation to clock some good times.

After turning right on Pitchfork Lane, there is a short undulating loop which brings runners out on the main road. After a small section running adjacent to the road, runners take a sharp left onto the driveway road leading back to the centre.

What goes down, must come up! And this race is well know for the 1.8 miles of hard up hill slog back to the centre before a short section to the finish line where the race began.

Due to its popularity, the series of races were sold out several weeks ago and there was a huge turnout from the green and gold of Telford Harriers. A total of 58 runners turned up at Lilleshall to take on this race, which was the longest of the series and boasted a total of 438 runners completing the course.

As the gun sounded at 7pm, we had a good contingent of Harriers in the lead pack. Dean Aston, Michael Smith, Chris Doran and Victor Bennett led the charge for the men with Hannah Creamer, Lucy Maloney, Gemma Chilton and Nicola Atkins looking to stride ahead in the ladies categories.

As the race unfolded, Dean Aston kept the pressure on the lead runners and managed to secure a top 10 finish coming home in 9th position overall and as first male Harrier in a time of 27:39. Michael Smith followed closely behind to secure 15th place and 2nd Harrier home in a time of 28:46.

In the ladies categories it was Hannah Creamer who was first Harrier home in 116th place and with a time of 35:52 with Lucy Maloney coming in just 2 mins behind and as second Harrier home in a time of 37:41.

Our full list of results as follows:

9th: 27.39 - Dean Aston

15th: 28.46 - Michael Smith

52nd: 31.52 - Chris Doran

60th: 32.21 - Victor Bennet

64th: 32.38 - Jamie Anderson

67th: 32.50 - Steve Walker

80th: 33.49 - Andy Pigg

83rd: 33.55 - James Wilson

89th: 34.23 - Jon Edmonds

99th: 35.01 - Rich Palmer

101st: 35.07 - Jon Mahoney

110th: 35.38 - Richard Bailey

116th: 35.52 - Hannah Creamer

132nd: 36.46 - Darren Owen-Jones

138th: 37.05 - David O'Loughlin

145th: 37.37 - Paul Ruscoe

147th: 37.41 - Lucy Maloney

148th: 37.48 - Gus Erlandson

155th: 38.25 - Richard Nicholls

162nd: 38.51 - Ian Maxwell

167th: 39:00 - Gemma Chilton

168th: 39.05 - Nicola Atkins

169th: 39.15 - Robin Chebsey

170th: 39.20 - Angela Vinall

195th: 40.13 - Mark Rogers

201st: 40.32 - Rob Friel

209th: 40.54 - Lou Bromley

212th: 41.05 - Kelly Mackay

214th: 41.13 - Danny Jones

215th: 41.16 - Lisa Yeomans

219th: 41.26 - Sam McLelland

223rd: 41:48 - Ashley Kirkham

224th: 41.49 - Nina Biggs

227th: 41.53 - Lisa Thomas

230th: 41.58 - Matt Giles

236th: 42.27 - Kerry Richardson

248th: 43:12 - Jim Vidler

255th: 43.54 - Naomi Ashmore

259th: 44.02 - Kelly Kempin

261st: 44.06 - Phil Sheiber

262nd: 44.09 - Caroline Deacon

268th: 44.34 - Karen Foreman

330th: 49.28 - Sonia Edmonds

337th: 50.54 - Naomi Wrighton

355th: 52.13 - Tania Willoughby

357th: 52.15 - Claire Rogers

360th: 52.31 - Stephanie Eggleston

365th: 53:00 - Natalie Dimmock

416th: 1.00.09 - Hannah Bandy

419th: 1.01.36 - Jim Hussey

420nd: 1.01.46 - Allison Canham

422nd: 1.01.52 - Samantha Grimes

424nd: 1.02.18 - Jo Snowden

425th: 1.02.20 - Paula Johnston

426th: 1.02.25 - Sue Price

427th: 1.03.05 - Deborah Meredith

428th: 1.03.10 - Sara Meredith

438th: 1.18.18 - Marie Ruscoe

Full race results can be accessed by clicking HERE

Official photos can be seen by clicking HERE

A huge well done to alL our runners and supporters, a brilliant turnout by the club and just shows how great Telford Harriers are.

Next race in the series is the Phoenix Flyer 5k road race on 15th May.




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