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Race League 2019

Each year we stage a race league that any paid member can take part in. This year we have a total of 12 races in the league, all local and covering distances between 5k and half marathon distances.

Your best 8 results will count to the final league score.

2019 age categories:

Senior Mens/Ladies - 39 & Under

Vets Mens/Ladies - 40 - 49
Vets+ Mens/Ladies - 50 & over

*Age placements for the league are the age you were on 1st January 2019.

Race points will be awareded in a F1 style as follows:

1st place: 

2nd place:

3rd place:

4th place:

5th place

Races for 2019 Race League:

25 points

18 points

15 points

12 points

10 points

6th place: 

7th place:

8th place:

9th place:

10th place and below:

8 points

6 points

4 points

2 points

1 point

17 April

15 May

26 June

17 July

14 July

TBC August

1 September

22 September

26 October

16 November

8 December

15 December

Lilleshall Sexarathon 5 miler

Phoenix Flyer Sexarathon 5k

Ironbridge Sexarathon 4 miler

Vic Musgrove Sexarathon 5k

Wenlock 7

Ellerdine Effort 5k

Wolverhampton Half Marathon

Brewood Woggle 10k

North Staffs XC - TBC

North Staffs XCV - TBC

Telford 10k

Turkey Trott 5 miler

Race League Table

Updated Saturday 28th December 2019

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