Meet our Run Leaders

All of our run groups are managed by our UK Athletics qualified run leaders. We have over 30 run leaders meaning as we cater for all abilities. Each club night you will find a range of different sessions and paces, with each group being headed up by our friendly run leaders. 

Nicola Atkins

I am always happy to offer training support and advice across all distances to help members gain confidence and improve. I like to run on the road and will always look to try new routes to keep things interesting. I also look after our cross country program and will offer information to anyone looking to get involved.

Darren Fawke

I have been running with Telford Harriers for 4 years now, coming up through the C25K program. As a run leader i enjoy taking groups out for runs and helping fellow runners towards their goals. Telford Harriers are a great club, like one big family.

Robert Friel

I love leading groups at Harriers. My groups are always a chatty pace and as much fun as possible, we are here to enjoy ourselves right, and i try to do that to the full. As a run leader, and Chairman, i am always here for support and help. Living in Telford pretty much all my life means i have a good bank of routes that i love to take people on, its always nice showing people places they haven't been before.

Steve Walker

I take a lot of satisfaction in leading groups and helping people progress with their running. I love middle/long distance road running. Outside of running I have a passion for foreign travel and commercial aviation. I’ve been labelled as head of the Telford Harriers international travel department!

Jenny  Robinson

I have been a member of Telford Harriers about 6 years and am one of the older members of the club. When i first joined i hadn't done much running, and although i will never be one of the faster runners, i very much enjoy what I do. 

I love being a run leader and encouraging others. I try and vary my routes to keep it interesting for everyone, a mixture of road and off road in the summer months. Also i enjoy spreading the word of how friendly our club is and how it is a club for all abilities.

Sonia Edmonds

I have been a Harrier for over 6 years and a qualified run leader for over 2 years. I am a bit of a steady Eddie so cater for runners starting out and building up the miles ... I tend to offer runs from 10-12 minute miles. I am a bit of a regular marathon runner so can offer lots of support with building up your miles sensibly for longer steadier runs. So if you are a new runner setting out on C25k or embarking on longer distances I’d be happy to support and advise as well as share my top tips.

Michael Smith

Hi, I’m Michael Smith (Mikey) I mainly focus on road running, although I do enjoy off-road. Although I’m one of the faster members of the club I’m always eager and welcoming to helping anyone... No matter what pace. If you have any questions, feel free to approach me.

Phil Shieber

I came to running later in life than many and after doing little or no exercise for nearly 30 years. The most important thing I've got from being a Harrier is the encouragement to push on and fulfill my potential. I wanted to repay that, so now as a Run Leader, as well as offering mostly on road routes up to 10k, I often act as 'Tail Gunner', making sure no one gets left behind and helping other runners step up the pace.

Emma Ward

As one of the newest run leaders for Telford Harriers I was encouraged by fellow runners to go out of my comfort zone! I I will pass on that encouragement, motivation and reassurance to all members so that they can achieve their goals. No runner will be left behind and everyone will be made to feel part of the group. Everyone will be given the opportunity to shine like I was! I look forward to leading groups and making opportunities a reality for people.

Robbie Chebsey

Having only recently taken up running I joined the Telford Harriers who have given me masses of encouragement and support. I never dreamed that I would be entering so many races and running half marathons, particularly in such a short period of time. As a new run leader, I would like to share some of this encouragement with others. I enjoy planning and learning new routes to take others around both on and off road and at various distances.

Jon Edmonds

I have been a Harrier for about 5 years and been leading runs for almost 3 years now. Happy to offer advice and support to runners of all abilities on all aspects of your running. As a loyal and passionate Harrier I get a great of pleasure from supporting our runners and seeing them progress and improve. Happy to run at all paces and strive to ensure all club members are welcomed, supported and included.

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